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  Jehovah-Jireh Bible Institute of Higher Learning Locations:

  • Main Campus and Administrative Office-Alexander City, AL (Princeton High School International)

  • JJBIHL Fellowship of Faith Learning Center-Opelika, AL (Princeton High School Int'L Affiliate)  

  • TWOS Cathedral of God Learning Center-Gardendale, AL (Princeton High School Int'L Affiliate)  

  • Bethlehem Baptist Church Learning Center-West Point, GA (Princeton High School Int'L Affiliate)   

  • Greater New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church-Fort Pierce, FL 

  • Antioch Baptist Church Learning Center-Hartford, CT   

  • New Outlook Deliverance Church-Montgomery, AL (Princeton High School Int'L Affiliate)    

  • St. Mark Educational Center-Fort Pierce, FL (Princeton High School Int'L Affiliate)  

  • Joyful Praise Church International Ellenwood, GA (Princeton High School Int'L Affiliate) 

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