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Earn Your Christian Music Ministry Degree in Changing Times, 100% Online
Gain skills and knowledge to lead churches, ministries, and evangelize Christ to others by transcending barriers to reach the young and generation x through various genres of Christian Music. The program will allow students to explore why the youth of today have no interest in the church. Students will research church music baby boomers listen to and their connection with God. Students will explore the pros and cons of traditional music verses contemporary. The course will allow students to investigate why today's youth prefer singing with a street choir, rather than in a church setting with walls. The course engages students into musical research and allow students to evaluate their own Christian Music Ministry. The program give students the opportunity to determine if their ministry is making a difference with millennials and the next generation. BMM (120 Credits), MCMM (60 Credits), DCMM (60 Credits), (Electives), (Semester System)  *Dissertation is required with all doctoral degree programs*

Program Options

  • Bachelor of Arts in Music Ministry                                                                                            

  • Master of Arts in Christian Music Ministry 

  • Doctor of Arts in Christian Music Ministry 

100% Online Theology Degrees for Pastors and Leaders 

Earning a Theology Degree with JJBIHL can help students to work as a full-time pastor, lead international mission group. The degree programs with JJBIHL will give students an in-depth background study about God, dispensation, predestination, ethics, morality, various doctrines, and the knowledge to teach at a Seminary or University. Many have advanced their careers in theology with faith-based professions. Theology majors are well-rounded ministry leaders and layman. The theology program will train students to become biblical scholars in scriptural text interpretations, biblical languages, history, and Christian philosophy. This degree field can lead to careers in chaplaincy, full-time associate pastor positions, executive pastor positions, and deans or chancellors at some religious institutions. BTH (120 Credits), MTH (60 Credits), THD (60 Credits) (Semester System) + (Electives)*Dissertation is required with all doctoral degree programs*

Program Options 

  • Bachelor of Arts in Theology

  • Master of Arts in Theology                                                                                         

  • Doctor of  Arts in Theology 

Premier (PhD) Philosophy in Religion Degree, 100% Online

Earning the prestigious (PhD) Philosophy of Arts in Apologetics and World Missions Degree from Jehovah Jireh Bible Institute of Higher Learning focuses on Christian Theology, world religions and practices, sociology, humanities, and World Missions. JJBIHL (PhD) program of study offer courses from a selection of specialized fields and scholars. This equips JJBIHL (PhD) students to have a diverse preparation to be an effective leader in Global World Missions. The (PhD) program is an intensive cohort, research, and study component in missiology, spiritual and therapeutic psychology, humanity from a biblical and historical worldview, apologetics, and divinity issues in a godless society, finding resolutions to domestic and foreign mission problems, and completing an action research practicum and dissertation document that will bring about change in the world. The JJBIHL (PhD) student research document is written based on the (then), the (now), and the (future), understanding that effective missionaries and servants of humanity, must adapt and change with time to better serve others. The (PhD) program of study at JJBIHL is a specialized selective process. JJBIHL (PhD) program of study is one of the most rigor degree programs in the country. Students are selected by the PhD committee to apply, must meet all pre-application requirements as a first step for application review. The (PhD) Portfolio process for pre-qualifying applicants is a rigid preparation for students to be accepted for an interview. JJBIHL (PhD) pre-selection process does not guarantee a student will be accepted into the program to complete a PhD Degree with Jehovah Jireh Bible Institute of Higher Learning. The PhD degree can lead to jobs in teaching, authorship for books, and ongoing research. Many earned PhD graduates from various institutions have careers in higher education, other public service fields, and religious fields. PHD (75 or more credits) (4-to-5-year program traditional Schedule) (Presently offered as a one-year intensive accelerative study track program), (Electives), (Semester System) *Dissertation is required with all doctoral degree programs*

Program Options  

  • (PhD) Philosophy of Arts in Apologetics and World Missions                                                                                         

Educational Fair Practice Statement: Although an institution is accredited by a governmental, non-governmental agency, U.S. Department of Education
or a Secretary of Education. Accreditation or degree earned from any institution does not guarantee transfer of credits, employment, certifications, or career advancement. 

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