Our History 

  • 2016 MENNA AWARD WINNER! (Dubai)

  • 2019 Princeton awarded accreditation (NAPS)

  • National Association of Private Schools

  • 2020 JJBIHL's Princeton High School Int'l

  • ACT and SAT College Board Member 


Jehovah Jireh Bible Institute HL Educational Achievements 2019 

The Jehovah Jireh Bible Institute has once again reached a milestone in our postsecondary higher education theological school of learning. The past five years have been a blessing from our Lord Jesus Christ. We have made much progress as a higher learning institution. First of all, we should give God the Glory, for every achievement the school has made with all of its collaborative efforts with students, staff, board members, and partnerships with other organizations, churches, pastors and institutions. This year’s graduation will be exciting because we have PhD graduates, Doctoral graduates, Master graduates, Bachelor, Associates, and Certificate Diploma graduates. Our PhD Program is an intensive 5-year Cohort accelerative program with capstone project and practicum, all studies must be completed in one year. What an accomplishment. We have Master of Divinity graduates from our GA Branch, the Master of Divinity program of study consist of 100 credit hours. This does not include associates or bachelor credits. JJBIHL has received international and national approved Accreditation with a governmental accrediting body ASIC, who is an approved member of CHEA & CIQG Quality Group in USA. ASIC accredit colleges, universities, schools, and institutions in over 60 countries. JJBIHL is accredited by non-governmental agencies for theological learning as well. In order for us to become a fully accredited member of accrediting agencies we had to submit applications, evidence of state authorizations to legally operate as a school in the State of Alabama/Georgia/Florida, curriculum, references from city, county, state officials, faculty credentials and much more, paperwork to demonstrate evidence that JJBIHL is operating on a daily basis with quality assurance. JJBIHL continues to grow academically as a higher learning institution, offering degrees in 20 or more various disciplines in religious studies. These disciplines will range from Associate Degrees to PhD Degrees in the ecclesiastical field. The Institute has developed and approved its 10-year strategic plan to promote continuous school improvement. Our Institution has high quality learning centers with intensive and dynamic instruction. JJBIHL is offering courses on-line with a traditional student and faculty friendly program for 21st Century Learning. The school is continuing to grow and improve its technological support and resources to give JJBIHL students the best ecclesiastical educational experience in the 21st Century. Our students are able to take courses through our E-Learning Platform online anywhere in the world at any time. Faculty and students are able to engage daily with discussions in a variety of ways with one another through discussion boards, emails, google classrooms/messaging and video presentations. JJBIHL faculty has committed to participate in ongoing staff development workshops and courses locally, nationally, and internationally. Many of our faculty and some of our students participated in courses from Tel Aviv University in Israel from some of the top Jewish Scholars in the World. The course this year was “Israel an Idea State”. This course broadened faculty and students understanding of biblical events from Abraham to our present day. JJBIHL 2020 goal is to continue to develop and recruit faculty that can instruct and develop sound biblical curriculum at the highest scholarly level in religious studies.


JJBIHL Educational Achievements 2020

In 2020 JJBIHL students will have the opportunity to enhance their studies by completing a national and international foreign mission practicum with SIFAT. JJBIHL will continue to strive for excellence in Posts-Secondary Religious Education. In 2018, JJBIHL developed a new Chaplaincy Guideline booklet for those desiring a career in this ministry vocation. JJBHL heralds Princeton High School International an accredited (501c3 Religious Private High School Academy) of our Seminary. People from all ages and all walks of life can enroll, study, and earn their high school diploma. Our high school academy is partnering with the United States Military CEP program for those who want to prepare themselves for any career field or military field beyond high school. In 2020 JJBIHL will host a Premier Scholarship & Accreditation Banquet for school improvement/academic excellence. JJBIHL welcomes new learning centers in Centerville, Al, Roanoke, Al, Montgomery, Al and Fayetteville, GA. JJBIHL has developed a Chaplaincy Career Guide Program for those Layman or Ministers that would like to have a career in various certified chaplain professions. Students must have some seminary training and preferably Master of Divinity Degree for chaplaincy careers. JJBIHL instruct students on the process and what they need to do to become a clinical certified Chaplain in the healthcare profession. JJBIHL has developed an intensive writer’s workshop tutorial and support program for undergraduate, graduate, doctorate and post-graduate students to assist with their thesis, dissertation, action research and practicum projects. JJBIHL had a successful 2020 Academic Year in the midst of COVID-19. JJBIHL students were able to continue their studies 100% online during the pandemic. JJBIHL presently, is not hosting any classes via live on campus at any learning center due to the safety and health needs of its faculty and students. JJBIHL plans to host an outdoor graduation for the 2020 and 2021 graduating class.