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 JJBIHL Premier Institution 

  • 2016 MENNA AWARD WINNER! (Dubai)

  • 2019 Princeton awarded accreditation

  • (NAPS)National Association of Private Schools

  • 2020 JJBIHL's Princeton High School Int'l

  • ACT and SAT College Board Member 

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JJBIHL was reaccredited by ASIC in 2023, ASIC is recognised in the UK by UKVI - UK Visas and Immigration (part of the Home Office of the UK Government)Accredited and is a Full Member of The International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE)

ASIC accredits colleges, universities, schools and institutions in over sixty countries. 


JJBIHL is a degree granting institution in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas. 

JJBIHL offers courses 100% online, classes are held at hybrid centers and faculty utilizes video presentations for learning.

JJBIHL offer degrees in 20 or more disciplines in religious studies.

JJBIHL students and faculty participates in a national and international foreign mission practicum at SIFAT World Mission Center. 

 JJBIHL heralds Princeton High School International (A High School Academy) giving every person an opportunity to earn a high school diploma. 

JJBIHL Princeton High School Academy partners with the United States Military CEP Program.

JJBIHL has developed a Chaplaincy Career Guide Program for ministers and layman who would like to have a career as a clinical certified chaplain.

JJBIHL faculty and board members will have the opportunity through ASIC Accreditation to participate in professional development courses with Harvard Graduate School starting in 2022

JJBIHL has developed an intensive writer’s workshop tutorial and support program for undergraduate, graduate, doctorate and post-doctorate students to assist with their thesis, dissertations, action research and practicum projects. 

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