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Office of Academic Affairs



Greetings in the matchless name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! Praise God for people who love the Lord and want to study His holy and external Word!  I highly recommend JJBIHL to all who desire to dedicate themselves (men and women alike) to a disciplined study of God’s Word. JJBIHL offer Biblical Certificates through PhD Programs that are truly affordable, challenging, and “learner friendly.”  Our students come from all walks of life, all church affiliations, and all age groups.  Generally, everyone starts out on the same level at the Jehovah-Jireh Bible Institute where they earn their (60) Semester hour Certificate in Biblical Studies if enrolling without a high school diploma or GED.  This will give you the opportunity to continue your education beyond the Certificate level and enter into the JJBIHL Higher Learning Degree Program of your choice.  NOTE: [All students enrolled in JJBIHL's External Biblical Certificate or Degree Programs are required to have computer access to meet JJBIHL's requirements. JJBIHL courses are offered online, on-site, and by traditional mail correspondence.    

JJBIHL’s goal as an institution is the development of the whole person, to grow in confidence as Christ-Centered leaders and understanding the professional, emotional, physical, social, psychological and spiritual traits of humanity. JJBIHL’s courses of study makes great human leaders by gaining new knowledge about self and humanity from a biblical worldview. JJBIHL’s faculty and instructors engages in digital technologies for teaching and learning to meet the needs of the whole person in their educational experience. 

I want to thank you for choosing JJBIHL to make your ecclesiastical career journey with our premier

higher learning institution. 


May God Bless!


Janice Williams


Janice Williams, ASPL., BBS, M.Div., PhD

Dean/Provost of Academic Affairs 

and Office of Enrollment


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