Students at JJBI never see the usual and customary Greek, Hebrew, and Ancient Language courses. Neither will they see the usual and customary courses in such studies as Sociology, Anthropology, and Psychology, Philosophy and others offered by most traditional colleges and seminaries.  Most of these subjects are integrated within the study modules making comparisons and contrast in these areas from a biblical perspective.  Our approach to Christian education is perhaps a more practical student friendly instructional strategy to biblical learning.  Our curriculum is devoted to topics and subjects meant to educate, train, and equip people to better serve the Lord Jesus Christ. 


JJBI study courses are structured to develop the student's concentration and proficiency in self-directed and self-discipline study. 

Academic Program 

All courses contain scripture research references, thus aiding the student in utilizing various biblical schools or scholars thoughts allowing the student to gain in depth understanding in the study of God's Word. 


JJBI study units (modules) contain multiple lessons and are designed in an easy to read format for enhanced student comprehension.  Each lessons series is designed to assist students in learning the content, meaning, and relevance of Biblical truth and to provide helps for guiding students in learning and living these Biblical truths as revealed by God through His holy and eternal Word. JJBI study modules are based upon the Bible as the textbook and authority for all study, learning application.  JJBI uses only the Authorized King James Version, which we believe to be the inspired, infallible, inerrant, and unchanging Word of God as revealed unto man in the English Language. 


Note:  JJBI, on occasion, will use additional Bible-related books/materials with its study modules.  


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