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Experience a high-quality, private, liberal arts biblical education in a format designed to help you succeed. We have a variety of different degree programs at Jehovah Jireh Bible Institute of Higher Learning. All degree programs use the same application. Pre-Admissions requirements are 

GED, High School Diploma, ACT/SAT, college coursework, or placement competency examination. 


To apply, simply choose a program. Please read the program description carefully by clicking the academics tab above for Georgia, Florida, Texas or Louisiana Hybrid to ensure that you enroll in the correct program of study. Send official transcripts from previous institutions to address below. 

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Need More Information?

If you have any questions as to which program you want to apply for, contact us today! 

Phone: (256) 215-4211 or (678) 643-7488


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For $200 Registration Payment:

For Tuition Payment:

JJBIHL Payment Schedule 

Jehovah Jireh Bible Institute of Higher Learning is required by state and federal law to publish its legal authority to operate as a postsecondary institution. JJJBIHL is approved to offer postsecondary certificates through PhD Degrees in religious studies. JJBIHL has received state exemptions
for its course offerings and degree granting approval from the State of Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana and Texas for campus and
online learning. 
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