JJBI is a non-discriminatory "WHO-SO-EVER-WILL" institution of Christian learning that is open to any individual meeting the admission requirements.  The Registrar/Admissions Officer reviews the applicant's academic record and personal information as submitted while keeping the information strictly confidential and private. 


1. Applicant must be at least 18 year of age and be a born-again, water-baptized, Bible-believing Christian and a member of a local body of believers, the Church.


2. Applicant must have a high moral and ethical standards and a good Christian character.


3. All applications are considered solely upon merit without regard to sex, race, national, or ethnic origin, without regard to church denomination and/or church affiliation.


4. A valid high school diploma or equivalent is required for enrollment.


5. Applicant must complete an application for enrollment form and submit the required non-refundable application fee.


6. Students must have a desire to reach a greater maturity in Christ, a willingness to submit their lives to the absolute Lordship of Christ, and a desire to witness to others with the intent of winning lost souls to Christ.


7. The spiritual standard at JJBI is held at a very high level. Therefore, those who are unwilling to uphold the standards of JJBI are advised not to enroll. If, after enrolling, a student is unwilling to conform to standards of JJBI, he/she may be withdrawn from program.


8. Although JJBI customarily enroll Christians, non-confessing individuals can be accepted with three letters of recommendation stating their interest in learning the bible and more about God's Word.


9. Note: To promote Christian unity and family togetherness in worship and study, JJBI strongly encourage and invite husbands and wives to enroll together. Therefore, the spouse of an enroll student can enroll at a greatly reduced tuition cost. However, he/she must pay the usual and customary fees and assessments such as his/her application fee for enrolling in school and those fees and assessments associated with graduation.


10. Grades can be change when student completes his or her work (cheating, plagiarism, etc), changes will be reflected in the grade point average. JJBI reserve the right to update and otherwise change curriculum, policies and fees at anytime.


JJBI Payment Schedule 


Apply for a admission to JJBI


Paper Application


1.     Download, print, and complete Application.

2.     Include your official college transcripts and other applicable degree program requirements.

3.   When paying non-refundable $175 application & assessment fees by Paypal, Money Order or MoneyGram, make payable to JJBIHL. For payment verification contact the Office of Bursar by email @ or call (256) 749-5158.


Email all materials to or


Mail to: JJBIHL Office of Admissions 1410 Hillabee Street, P.O. Box 1334 Alexander City , Alabama 35011. 


Application for Admissions




Enrollment Agreement Form 


Please send all transcripts to: 


Jehovah-Jireh Bible Institute HL

1410 Hillabee Street P.O. Box 1334 

Alexander City, Alabama 35011

Office Phone: (256) 215-4211 or email 

Extentions: (256) 750-5987 or (256) 749-1615

If you are requesting a transcript from Jehovah-Jireh Bible Institute HL, send your request along with ($10) to the address above or email to the Office of Registrar


Year round Enrollment- From January to December annually.

Orientation and Registration for ALL students will be announced via Email, Website, Facebook, Learning Center Locations and Main Campus Administration Office: 1410 Hillabee Street P.O. Box 1334 Alexander City, AL 35011 

Office Number: (256) 215-4211

Alternate Contact# Donna Russell Taylor- (256) 794-2732


(Please be advised, there is a $175 non-refundable registration & assessment fee upon submitting your form.)


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