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Office of Student Registration and Records



NOTE: At this time we are printing and mailing hard copy transcripts upon request for security. If you need an expedited official transcript, we encourage you to make transcript request in a timely manner. This will ensure prompt delivery for transcript destination.

Transcripts - Former Students and Alumni

To request transcripts to be sent both electronically and in paper form, student must have requesting institution verify in writing that they will accept the electronic transcript from JJBIHL office of registrar or coordinating agency approved to prepare electronic transcripts on behalf of JJBIHL institution. JJBIHL base cost for transcript is $25 dollars per transcript. 


Because it is important to Jehovah Jireh Bible Institute of Higher Learning that you know your records are secure during this process, you will be asked to electronically complete a consent form with your signature when you request a transcript.

Please follow the instructions to begin your request: Office of Registrar

Former students, you do not need your old student ID or your old school email address. Simply enter your date of birth, last four digits of social security number and current home address in the space requesting your ID and your current email address. (If online application is not available, student can make a transcript request by emailing registrar's office: or drusselljjbihl@gmail.comMain office Number: (256) 215-4211.

NOTE: If a hold exists on your account because of an unfulfilled obligation to JJBIHL, we cannot release your transcript. Once the issue preventing the release of your transcript is resolved, we will be able to process your request. JJBIHL will not release transcript until processing fee is paid in full after all other obligations have been met. 

Former Students Attending Prior to 2004: Due to the nature of archived records, we cannot provide unofficial or electronic copies of official transcripts for students who attended prior to 2004, only mailed official copies. Please follow the same instructions listed above to request your transcript through our Office of Student Registration and Records. 


Transcripts - Current Students

Current students of Jehovah Jireh Bible Institute of Higher Learning may request an official transcript to

be mailed or sent electronic, no transcripts will be picked up at main campus registrar's office due to COVID19. Current students can be sent an electronic unofficial transcript copy through JJBIHL's I-Grade System at no charge. 


NOTE: If you need the transcript processed same-day, there is a $35.00 fee per transcript, however there is no extra charge for regular processing. 

JJBIHL Payment Schedule 
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