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Earn Your Christian Ministry Degree 100% Online

Begin or advance your career or ministry development with JJBIHL 21st Century Transformational ministry degree programs of study, main campus located in Alexander City, Alabama. Jehovah Jireh Bible Institute of Higher Learning Christian Ministry program study modules are student and teacher friendly, flexible, and affordable so that you can study at your pace. JJBIHL Christian Ministry program gives students a thorough background and approach to the Life of Christ, allowing each student to gain new revelation and knowledge about true Christian Ministry. The study programs and courses will enhance students’ knowledge about the church and state, the modern-day church, the state of religion, the church, the world, church-and-business, and how to be effective in ministry during a pandemic. ACM (60 Credits), (BCM 120 Credits), (MCM 60 Credits), DMIN (60 Credits), (Electives), (Semester System) *Dissertation required with all doctoral programs*

Program Options 

  • Associate of Arts in Christian Ministry                                                                          

  • Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry 

  • Master of Arts in Christian Ministry

  • Doctor of Ministry

Excellence in Christian Education, 100% Online

This program of study will help pastors, laymen, and people from all walks of life to gain valuable religious education skills for classroom instruction and beyond. The Christian Education Program of Jehovah Jireh Bible Institute of Higher Learning will allow students to develop an in-depth understanding of the biblical languages, the translations and meanings of words, and the translation and interpretation of an entire verse or chapter, of the ancient Hebrew and Greek Text. The Christian Education student and teacher will learn how to distinguish between difficult portions of text, and interpret, analyze, and identify misquoted scripture in text. JJBIHL Christian Education study modules will develop the student’s study skills, research skills, and instructional skills. The courses in the program will train the minister or layman how to prepare lesson plans, PowerPoint, syllabus, and how to utilize the most technological resources to be an effective Christian Education teacher/leader in the 21stCentury. ACE (60 Credits), BCE (120 Credits), MCE (60 Credits), DCE (60 Credits), (Electives), (Semester System)*Dissertation is required with all doctoral degree programs*


Program Options  

  • Associate of Arts in Christian Education                                                                                               

  • Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education  

  • Master of Arts in Christian Education 

  • Doctor of Arts in Christian Education 

Make a Difference with a 100% Online Divinity Human Service Degree 

Become a frontline ministry field agent with in-demand skills by earning an online Bachelor of Divinity or Master of Divinity Degree from JJBIHL, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. There are many social and health care fields and human service organizations that need chaplains. Other careers in corrections, prisons, assistant living, VA Hospitals, and many other health care providers need pastors and layman that are credentialed with the Bachelor and Master of Divinity Degrees. JJBIHL divinity program of study, prepare students with the courses to deal with individuals that are dying, grieving, ill, have issues with mental health, assist all populations, and individuals in need of spiritual and/or therapeutic counseling and support. The study courses give divinity students an in-depth knowledge in biblical theology, understanding the Supreme God (Jesus Christ), humanity, and his purpose. Through their studies, students will gain a greater knowledge about spiritual and mental healing for self, to be able to serve and help others in a time of crisis. BDIV (120 Credits), MDIV (100 Credits), (Electives), (Semester System) *All Master of Divinity students must complete thesis to complete program of study*

Program Options

  • Bachelor of Arts in Divinity                                                                                           

  • Master of Arts in Divinity 

Educational Fair Practice Statement: Although an institution is accredited by a governmental, non-governmental agency, U.S. Department of Education
or a Secretary of Education. Accreditation or degree earned from any institution does not guarantee transfer of credits, employment, certifications, or career advancement. 

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