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Message From The Chancellor



Welcome to Jehovah-Jireh Bible Institute of Higher Learning (JJBIHL).  We are delighted that you have teamed up with our institution to complete this phase of your education.


For more than 70 years our educators have been dedicated to helping people improve their lives.  Today we have emerged as a global leader in self- guided education. Graduates of JJBIHL have continued in life with many of them earning even the highest level of academic degrees in our premier undergraduate, graduate and post graduate programs of study. 


Dr. Billy Graham once said, "Our Crusades spend millions of dollars each year to bring the lost to the reality and person of Jesus Christ. At that time a newborn lamb is turned over to the local church for bible teaching and instruction in righteousness. However, due to improper teaching or the lack of qualified teachers, the majority of them (these new converts) never quite reach the level of mature Christian.

We believe at JJBIHL that sound Biblical Training is needed for "long-time" Minister and Pastor as well as " the layman and Christian to have access to a formal Biblical Education. According to the late Dr. E.K. Bailey, expository preaching is “a message which focuses on a specific portion of Scripture to determine the precise meaning of the text, so that hearers may adopt the attitudes and the actions of the text for transformation through the power of the Holy Spirit.” He further believed once the preacher has the illumination on the revelation of a text, then it’s time for celebration.We have successfully combined our resources with other schools, accrediting associations and institutes of higher learning to bring the finest, most comprehensive instruction, in the most flexible way possible.


I salute your decision and life and wish you great success on your academic journey with JJBIHL. 




Rod Williams, Sr.


Rod Williams, Sr., MDiv, M.Ed, PhD



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