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The Jehovah Jireh Bible Institute Higher Learning/dba formerly (Great Commission Bible College & Seminary) students, faculty, and board members decided to formulate a list and utilize online cyberspace library resource and reference centers in 2005.  The school moved from continuing to build physical libraries at the school’s main campus and satellite campuses because of the reduction in paper, the rise of paper cost, the economic impact of adding rooms for more book volume space, and when books become outdated, obsolete and needs to be archived it would cause a maintenance financial hardship and waste as well. The advancement of the internet and technology allowed the Great Commission and JJBI to collect and build information about free online bookstores, book companies, online Christian or religious resource centers that house hundreds of thousands of books and study materials from present writers and authors, and past scholars. When students need to find added resources they can go online at any time and find the supplementary materials and books required for their coursework at any time. JJBI HL train and orientate students on how to utilize their public libraries, other public colleges, seminaries and universities library resource centers for their support in their studies and for ongoing academic support in the community where they live. Students are orientated on how they can use the other public postsecondary schools computers and media center resources for lifelong learning. 


Our school’s staff and academic team are constantly researching the web on a daily basis referring students and faculty to sites to assist them with the best professional and educational experience possible. Although most books and educational resources are online, JJBI plans to reestablish and build a small library resource center for students who attend class onsite for their learning. Below you will find some sites listed for our library resource center, although JJBI HL staff and students use many more.


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Online Seminary Education

This library offers:


  • Biblical and Religious Studies

  • Online Directory of Christian Theological Articles - Articles written on theological, apologetics, and other religious topics.

  • World Religious and Secular News Today- Current online links to Christian and secular world news.

  • Online Christian PDF Books - Free Ebooks Directory of free downloadable PDF books.

  • Online Research Tools

  • Internet Theology Resources - Student Research Topics provides Christian theological resources on systematic theology, homiletics, hermeneutics, western theology, philosophy, leadership, and psychology.

  • Online Christian Classifieds - Online Christian advertisements of jobs, services, and more

  • Spanish Christian Library Section


In addition, international newspapers and magazines, of both Christian and secular natures, other online Christian libraries, plus much more...

The library's purpose is to offer online religious theological study as well as personal anytime reading, to be visited daily. This is achieved by providing free Christian books to its visitors.


NTSLibrary - Online Christian Library is regularly updated and is non-denominational, representing a diverse selection of theological positions for the purpose of providing the reader with information on different positions which may challenge our thinking on an existing position and thereby lead, through study, to a more educated understanding.



Online Christian Library Theological Virtual - NTSLibrary has been experiencing a number of design changes in the past months. The designer is organizing an online Christian library that provides references to world religions that may be more easily navigated. This is a process of establishing and organizing a vast amount of data and resources into a system which can be more easily updated and maintained. To manage the amount of available literature online in a virtual theological library, requires the ability to add and update information regularly in a method that allows for resources to be found interlinked throughout the website. The goal of NTSLibrary is to have an online Christian library that provides visitors with a website that offers a more easily navigational experience. Religious theological content and new pages linking the information of the Christian library will be updated for this purpose.


The NTSLibrary continues to modify formats and links on this online theological library so it may continue adding religious theology resources, Christian books  and references for a virtual online learning and theological research experience.


Online Theological Libraries provide a large amount of data made available throughout the internet for the purpose of increasing religious knowledge in theological topics. The religious contents found throughout the online libraries may include information from other religious beliefs outside of Christianity to better provide understanding of other beliefs and doctrines. The NTSLibrary also functions in this manner although the majority of information found in its archives are of Christian religious nature.


The theological content of this online Christian library provides a compiled list of resources available in various religious topics, without promoting just a singular denominational theological position. This was intentionally done in order to provide visitors a larger scope of references in the subject of religion than what may be offered by other online theological libraries who may provide bias information due to inclinations to denominational or theological position. 


The NTSLibrary - as an Online Theological Library continues to add information and access to other resources for the study of religion and theology. The library will also include more contents for researching and understanding the differences and/or similarities of theologies that exists between religions such as the Christian,
Jewish, Muslim and others religious beliefs found in the world today.


The NTSLibrary is an online study resource center for the benefit and free use of all Bible students and guests. This library project continues to be a leading resource of online research in the study of the Bible. It is the mission of Christian Online Referral Services, LLC to continue providing, at no costs to guests, access to all of the materials found on this library. Christian Online Referral Services, LLC, encourages all visitors to help others in their learning by recommending the use of the this library as a resource in their studies.


The NTSLibrary is visited by guests in over 125 countries every month, making a contribution to the education and preparation of many students and workers literally around the world. If you would like to assist the NTSLibrary in this online library project by blessing this service with a financial gift of any size, please click on the Contribution link in the navigational box in the upper left hand side of any page. Your contributions are highly appreciated and used toward the continued growth of this project.


Important Note: Material found in the Online Christian Library Theological Virtual - NTSLibrary does not necessarily represent the views of any specific organization or person outside of the NTSLibrary. Information is provided solely for research and as a resource to students and guests of library. The information found in the online Christian library website has as a sole purpose the distribution of gathered data for research purpose, and its contents in no way reflect the beliefs or positions of any person or organization in or outside of the NTSLibrary.


Copyright © 2013 NTSLibrary. All rights reserved. 


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Online Christian Library is maintained regularly providing updated resources and references.


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Search the CTS catalog

Search for journal articles in ATLA

Search for eResources at Ebsco (databases, journals, ebooks)

GALILEO Scholar  (if off campus, Click here for password


Google Books offers  over 6 million ebooks.  The full-text is searchable.  Most out-of-copyright books (pre-1924) can be read in their entirety on-line and some downloaded as PDF.  "Snippets" from in-copyright books can be viewed, and sometimes several pages by permission of the publisher.
  offers "Get it" links to Google Books


Open Content Alliance, offers over 1 million free full-text books, scanned from university libraries.


Google Scholar searches mostly for articles, some articles are free; some must be purchased.

Search multiple eBook sites
University of Pennsylvania Online Books


ForEast is a meta-site of free Korean, Japanese, and Chinese digital resources. 

Hebrew Books offers over 15,000 .pdf books in Hebrew.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library is a digital library of hundreds of classic Christian books.

Project Gutenberg  offers over 30,000 eBooks.

World eBook Fair aggregates1/2 million out of copyright books available for searching and downloading.  (Charges $8.95 per year for access.) 


Universal Digital Library offers 1.5 million books. It's scope is more global than Google Books, offering 900,000 books in Chinese, and tens of thousands of books in Arabic, Persian, and Indian languages. Also it aims to include out-of-print books which are still under copyright by getting permission for these "orphans;" over 900,000 of the books were published after 1920.


Christian Classics Ethereal Library is a digital library of hundreds of classic Christian books.

Project Gutenberg  offers over 30,000 eBooks.

World eBook Fair aggregates1/2 million out of copyright books available for searching and downloading.  (Charges $8.95 per year for access.) 

ForEast is a meta-site of free Korean, Japanese, and Chinese digital resources. 

Hebrew Books offers over 15,000 .pdf books in Hebrew.


Online Texts Collections (Wabash Center)


Online Reference Works (Wabash Center)

Free Theological Journals Search is a custom Google search of theological journals which offer full-text for free on the web. 

 If you have a citation for an article searching by article title can sometimes lead to a free PDF copy, such as on an authors webpage.  Searching by journal title using Google can sometimes help you discover links to publishers who provide free access to tables of contents, abstracts, or access for a fee.

List of free online eJournals from the American Theological Library Association.

Religious Electronic Journals (from Sarah Lipton)


Religious Electronic Journals (Wabash Center)


Find Articles offers free and pay-per-article searching.

Many free full-text articles, and some for a fee, from journals like Journal for the Study of the New Testament, Journal of Pentecostal Theology, Journal for the Study of the New Historical Jesus, and Journal of the American Academy of Religion.

Search for free articles from popular journals such as First Things.

Religion Online offers for free the full text of 5,700 chapters and articles, and 200 books.  The writers are recognized theologians and scholars. The texts are organized by topic. The titles may be searched by keyword.  Note: the content at this site may be different from the print versions.


Other Specialized Free Online Book and Article sites


Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers has more than 226,000 pages of public domain newspapers from California, Florida, Kentucky, New York, Utah, Virginia and the District of Columbia published between 1900 and 1910. The text of the newspapers is fully
searchable, and search terms can be limited to a particular state, a specific
newspaper, and year or years and even months of publication.

California Digital Newspaper Collection includes the full text of the San Francisco Call, the Amador Ledger, the Imperial Valley Press, and the Los Angeles Herald from 1900-1910.  More will be added from 1880-1910.

HistoryWorld offers over 400 popular articles.

Pitt Latin American Series offers full-text of many books in the series are available free on the web.


Centre for the Study of Christianity in Asia, Singapore, Trinity Theological College provides full text, bibliographies, and links to help scholars studying Christianity in Asia.

The Chinese National Academy of Social Sciences Database (NSSD) contains full text articles from 842 journals. It covers Marxism, economics, international issues, social sciences, law, literature, philosophy and history.

国家哲学社会科学学术期刊数据库提供842 种期刊全文, 是在中共中央宣传部、中国社会科学院、全国哲学社会科学规划办公室领导下,承建的公益性期刊数据平台. 它覆盖了马克思主义、经济、国际、社会政法、文哲、史学等哲学社会科学主要研究领域。

eScholarship Repository offers articles from the University of California libraries.  includes the Columbia Encyclopedia and other reference books, the Harvard Classics and poetry collections.


Humanities Text Initiative (University of Michigan)


Making of America (University of Michigan)  Includes the subject areas of  religion, psychology, American history, sociology and education, with an online collection of 1,600 nineteenth century books and 50,000 journal articles.


ATLA Cooperative Digital Resources Initiative (CDRI) includes thousands of images of sacred art, architecture and portraits scanned by American Theological Library Association libraries. There are topical groupings: Ancient Near East; Architecture, art, iconography; Manuscripts, Texts, Sermons; Missions, World Religion.

International Etext Projects (Linkping Univ.)

Welcome to!


We have more than 8,000 classic works from seminary libraries, and we're still scanning more. During the beta period you can search and view all of the books for free. Use the search box in the upper left to search the entire library. When you've selected a book, you can use the search box on the right side to search within just that book. Use author:Wilkinson to find all the books by Wilkinson, or title:canon to find books with "canon" in the title. You can even search for Bible references! is still under development; you will see new books uploaded and indexed on a regular basis, as well as improvements to text recognition and indexing. We want your feedback; please email us at While we may not be able to respond to every suggestion individually, we will read and consider them all.