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Academic Dean of Instruction 

You have chosen one of the most sound and rigorous academic theological school of learning in the world.  Our Academic and 21st Century approach to instructing students in biblical, linguistics, humanity, and ministry studies is one of the most advance programs among the educational community. Our Institute's college study modules consist of Hermeneutics, Apologetics, Intro to Hebrew and Greek Studies, Advance Greek and Hebrew Studies, Biblical Translations of Text, Doctrinal Courses, Coursework in the area of Ministry and Ecclesiastical Training for the Minister and Layman.  These courses are all offered via internet, onsite lecture, and via webinar. 

Our staff consist of Christian Men and Women who has confessed the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior. Many of them are bi-vocational, having earned degrees in the secular and religious field.  These men and women from various Christian Denominations, have earned Master and Doctoral Degrees from various colleges, seminaries, institutes, and universities.  With this in mind, JJBIHL has committed itself to  a standard of excellence in scholarly instruction and learning.  Therefore, we invite you to join the JJBIHL family and become a Transformational Leader in Ministry for the New Millennium. 


You Can Do ALL Things Through Christ,


Gus Dixon, Emeritus 

Gus Dixon, B.S. Aviation, B.Div., M.Div., PhD

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