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JJBIHL Alabama Campus and Online Learning



JJBIHL has a Post-Secondary Education (Exempt) licensure status by the State of Alabama to operate as an Independent Bible Based Private School [Bible Institute] offering religious courses, certificates and degrees. Our goal is to remain an institution devoted to preparing men and women for ecclesiastical vocations with high academic standards which will enable every student to compete academically, socially, economically and spiritually in a global world.


JJBIHL school year mentioned in this catalog refers to a "school term" consisting of ten (10) months rather than the more conventional semester or calendar year method.  Our ten-month school year normally begins the first month January and continued through tenth month October followed by a two-month intercession.  NOTE: JJBIHL maintains an "open enrollment" policy thus allowing students to enroll at any time.    





Diplomas are presented to students who satisfactorily complete all of the academic requirement for that particular biblical certificate. In order to graduate, students are required to:

  • 1. Successfully complete the appropriate number of credits for their study program.

  • a. Students enrolled in any 1-year study module program must earn at least 15 credit hrs.

  • b. Students enrolled in any 2-year study module program must earn at least 18 credit hrs.

  • c. Complete the required study modules, as applicable.

  • d. Earn at least a passing (2.5 or above) grade point average

  • e. Receive at least a "satisfactory" or "passing" rating in every course attempted.

  • f. Settle all financial obligations to the JJBIHL prior to graduation.

  • g. Attend commencement activities if at all possible. 





Each student completing a program will be charged a Graduation Fee. No diploma or certificate will be granted by JJBIHL until all Fees Assessments, including Tuition, have been paid in full.  If meals are a part of the commencement activities, additional fees may be charged.


Certificate and Degree Programs


Jehovah-Jireh Bible Institute HL -Preparatory Biblical Studies Program:


The JEHOVAH-JIREH BIBLE INSTITUTE offers three bible college certificates- Basic Bible Certificate Program which consist of:  (a) Certificate in Bible Study-9 credit hrs (b) Certificate in Bible History-12 credit hrs (c) Certificate in Old Testament Theology 15 credit hrs (d) Certificate in New Testament in Theology-15 credit hrs.  The General Bible Certificate Program consist of:  (a) Certificate in Systematic Theology-18 credit hrs (b) Certificate in Divinity-18 credit hrs (c) Certificate in Homiletics-18 credit hrs (d) Certificate in Biblical Counseling-18 credit hrs. The Advanced Bible Certificate Program consist of: (1) Certificate in Bible Translations & Interpretations-21 credit hrs (2) Certificate in Christianity & Theology-21 credit hrs. Other courses and certificate programs can be offered. Students can earn certificate credit hours in preparation for the Associate and Bachelor undergraduate programs in religion. JJBIHL exemption 16-46-3-1 State of Alabama grants institution authority to offer graduate and post-graduate degrees in the area of theology, divinity, biblical counseling and ministry.  






  • Certificate in Bible Study

  • Certificate in Bible History

  • Certificate in Old Testament Theology

  • Certificate in New Testament Theology

  • Certificate in Systematic Theology

  • Certificate in Divinity

  • Certificate in Homiletics

  • Certificate in Biblical Counseling 

  • Certificate Translations/Interpretations

  • Certificate in Christianity & Theology

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